Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bon Voyage

Athena's class set off on a cruise for the last three weeks of school. They emptied their desks last week, packed a suitcase and headed off. They are going to visit Mexico, Australia, France, Hawaii and lots of other places. It is such a fun way to get them re-focused for the last weeks of school. They were all so excited to be there Monday morning, something that has really been missing lately. Yesterday a parent brought in their boat so the kids could learn all about port and starboard, the galley and head, bow and stern. Athena came home and told me one of the dolphins splashed her and that she had a great lunch in the galley. Today they are visiting Mexico and I am going in to help weave. It is going to be a fun 3 weeks for them! All of the second grade is cruising but one class started a week earlier. So last Monday they had posters and flags adorning the wall outside the classroom. Well Athena's teacher comes up to me and says "did you see the wall? This is my project I can't be shown up by another teacher. What can we do?" Well the picture didn't turn out great but I think you get the idea of what happens when you give me a creative outlet and tell me to out-do something! My inner-Martha came out!

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