Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recital 2014

I swear May and June are just whirlwinds every year no wonder I always fall behind in my blogging. Recital was a busy blast yet again this year. Always so much fun to spend time with my baby and her friends. We had tech rehearsal all day but managed to slip away for lunch with our friends.

Dinah (her idea to do "Prom pose")
We always try and get a shot with every teacher. Did pretty good this year only missed the guys because they are hard to find backstage.


Ms. Jan

Then there is always lots of goofing around and bonding in the dressing rooms. Such a great group of girls this year, going to be sad to see them all split up next year.

This is how I stop her from being grumpy!

She has always wanted to run down and dance in the aisle!!

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