Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I Want to Make a Dress Again

I have been hired to hem and do alterations on a few prom dresses recently and I realized I miss making dresses. Not that I'm ready for Athena to be going to prom yet, but I am looking forward to making some fabulous dresses for her someday. I wanted to take a look back at some I made for Hailey.

This one for Hailey's first homecoming was my first. When she asked for strapless I remember telling her that if I ever saw her tugging at the top even once she would never get a strapless again. But guess what? Because it was custom made to fit her body it never felt like it was falling down. I love the vintage party dress look of it, and the fabric is one of my all time favorites I ever made anything with.

Then there was the year of the beads. Hailey found a really beautiful dress at the mall with these really cool beaded flowers along the opening. But it was lime green. So she tried it on and took lots of pictures. Decided she wanted red and white, I found that black and white bead work looked fabulous. I designed the flowers myself and have no idea if what I did is even right. Defiantly one of my favorites.

Oh how I love how this maroon one looked on her when she had dyed her hair black to play Anne Frank. The simplicity of it was awesome too, she could dress it up with jewelry and heels for Homecoming or dress it down a little to just wear out on a date. I think she probably got the most use out of this one. I wonder if it still fits?

Her senior year I remember she wanted something cool going on with the back. So we went with lots of crossing straps. Love the color!

That's all the ones I can remember making, and found pictures for. So had to pick a favorite! Seems like there were more but maybe she just reused them sometimes. I wonder what Athena's will look like, she has such a different style than Hailey did at her age.

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