Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

I really have been slacking at posting, the last one was in November. Things around here are going pretty well. We had a mostly nice holiday, part of it was a little surreal though. My mom came to visit and that was very fun, it has been a whole year since we last saw her. It was fun to have her here for Christmas. Here we all are being silly in our new Christmas jammies. We stayed in them all day on Christmas!
I think the girls had a nice Christmas with the big surprise being a trip to Disneyland in January! That was one of the best surprises we have ever had around here. Just to make sure the girls didn't find out I didn't tell anyone else about it so there was no chance of them overhearing a conversation about it. To back up a bit, the Newton's, Hailey and Jon all spent some time with us on Christmas Eve. They were all good sports too and let me get this picture.
Too bad my husband didn't realize his face was right behind my head! Oh well at least I got a picture this year of everyone that was here.

We also had lots of repairs scheduled for the week after Christmas. I'm sure you all remember the big hail storm we had this year. Well we got new garage doors, a roof and AC/heating unit out of it. So the roofers and the AC people were here on the same day, lots of noise going on. And in true Evans luck that night with only the paper down on the roof it rained, and rained, and rained some more. The next day it rained all day, even snowed just a few miles away from us! (no not "real" snow like we are used to, but as close as you can get here) The roof is all done now and there was only a very small leak over the garage so we lucked out on that one.

Another downside of last week was I had some surgery to remove some basal cell skin cancer. They tell me that if you are going to get skin cancer that's the best one to get, but I still didn't think it was very much fun. But I'm glad that it is all taken care of now and let this be a lesson to you all, WEAR SUNSCREEN!!!

Now the house is quiet with just me and Bubbles puttering around. Time to get back into the regular routine. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2011 is a wonderful year full happiness and success for you all.

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