Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hail Hath No Fury.....

I tend to have a lull in blogging this time of year. It must have to do with the transition from summer to school. Life around Casa de Evans is good.

Our baby girl Hailey has left the nest, moved into an apartment close to school. It should have been a big adjustment but I think we have actually had more quality time with her the past few weeks than we have had in quite a while. We still miss her though, but think this will be a great learning and growing experience for her.

Athena is thriving in 4th grade. She is in an accelerated math class, and I no longer can easily help her with homework. Thank you internet!! How did our parents help us with homework without it? She has also picked up a love of Harry Potter, which her sister and I are very excited about. She is over half way through with the 5th book and is really trying to finish all 7 before the movie comes out in November. And next week she is dancing at the State Fair. We made it 9 1/2 years without her knowing a fair existed, guess it's out of the bag now.

Not sure if we made the news in your town but we had some pretty amazing weather last week. Tornadoes touched down up north, and here is a video of the biggest hail I have ever seen, right in our backyard.

Thankfully we did not lose any windows like most of the houses on our street. The insurance guy is coming tomorrow though to look at our damage. Shawn thinks the roof is toast :(

Hopefully there will not be so much time between posts again. I should have things to blog about for a while now. Athena dancing at the fair, pictures of Halloween, Thanksgiving, then before we know it Christmas will be here! I'm thinking we will be doing something new for Christmas this year, it feels like time for a change.

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