Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Closing Night.....again

Little Shop of Horrors closed last night. And although we already went through the "this is the last night of High School shows" with Into the Woods, there was once again another show. Hailey wasn't going to do summer theater this year, she had said good-bye and come to terms with that chapter in life being over. Then she found out they were doing Little Shop! It is one of her favorites, one of my favorites and even one that Shawn actually likes! So she had to do it. It was a cute show, they did a good job. Hailey was adorable of course! Here is a little clip of her solo song, she's the blond ;) I didn't get too worked up but did get a little tiny tear in the corner of my eye at the very end. And I finally got my curtain call that I was supposed to get with Anne! Hailey was front and center and last to bow. It's the little things when you are the mom of a theater kid!

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