Monday, July 28, 2008

Here we go a blogging

Well I guess we are entering the blogging community! We have had a website, too much work and took up way too much of my time to keep up with and people said they wanted to have more options to see the pictures bigger and be able to download them. Then we have been doing flickr for a while (which we will still have too) that one is great for sharing the photos but you can't really personalize it too much. So here we are starting a blog. I will still link the pictures to our flickr so you can all see them bigger and download them if you want to. But I thought it would be nice to be able to share a little more about what goes on day to day in the world of the Arizona Evans! Might be too boring for most of you.

Right now life is all about getting ready to go back to school! We have lots of supplies bought and a few new clothes but it's still so hot here in August that we usually do a little more school shopping in October. Athena is very excited to go back and is counting down the days. Hailey is ready for a change but not really sure if she wants that change to be school yet. I'm sure once she gets there and sees all her friends again she will be glad to be back. Athena also added another night of dance to her week. She now has ballet on Wednesday's and her tap/jazz combo on Tuesdays. She is even thinking about auditioning for the performing group in September.

Well there it is my first post in bloggsville. Hope you all are well out there.


  1. Welcome to blog land! Love your title.

  2. Thanks guys. Not sure where I'm going with it but it should be fun to see.